Dear Revolutionaries

Thank you for your interest and your questions! We listened to you and we believe that your insightful inquiry sheds light on the foundational aspects of our economic model within the AI Bet Revolution platform, where innovation meets strategy in the vibrant world of sports betting.

It’s crucial to understand that the $AIBET token is the primary means of participating in bets, which is the core business of our activity. Trading of the $AIBET token, while possible, is considered a marginal aspect of our business model. We are committed to ensuring the token’s utility within our platform remains the focal point, thus securing its value and relevance to our users.


Market Sales to Cover Bets:

A pivotal element of our ecosystem involves the strategic sale of tokens lost in bets at market price. This ensures a robust fund to honor winning bets, maintaining a seamless and reliable betting experience for all users.


Reserve Allocation: Strengthening the Ecosystem

The tokens not only fuel market operations but also feed into a reserve pool, serving multiple critical purposes:

  • Liquidity: By managing the circulating supply, this liquidity pool aids in stabilizing the $AIBET token’s market value, ensuring a healthy economic environment.
  • Development and Growth: Reinvestment in the platform’s development and growth initiatives guarantees continuous innovation and sustainability.
  • Rewards and Airdrops: We actively engage our community through rewards and airdrops, encouraging participation and long-term holding.

Safeguarding Token Value

To protect the $AIBET token’s market value, these operations are meticulously planned. Our ultimate aim is to cultivate an ecosystem where the $AIBET token’s value escalates as the platform advances.


Expanding Token Utility and Value

  • Token Buyback and Burn Program: A certain percentage of tokens is dedicated to a buyback and burn program, systematically reducing the total supply and thereby enhancing the token’s scarcity and value.
  • Introduction of Staking: We’re excited to announce the future addition of staking capabilities, allowing token holders to earn rewards directly from the platform’s profits. This not only offers an additional utility for the token but also aligns with our vision of sharing success with our community.
  • Staking Rewards: Aligning with the staking feature, rewards will be distributed from the accrued profits of the business, reinforcing the token’s intrinsic value through direct economic activity.
  • New Functionalities: We are exploring additional functionalities to enrich the $AIBET token’s utility, including exclusive access to special betting events, enhanced voting rights within the community, and more.


The Core of Our Business

The $AIBET token stands at the heart of our operations, enabling participation in a wide array of betting activities. While trading of the token is possible, it remains a peripheral aspect of our model, with the primary focus on its utility within the betting ecosystem.

We are immensely grateful for your interest and investment in AI Bet Revolution. Our commitment to transparency and integrity in managing our ecosystem is unwavering. For any further questions or clarifications, we’re always here to help.

This comprehensive approach to tokenomics and the introduction of new utilities such as staking and profit-based rewards underline our dedication to the growth of the AI Bet Revolution and the value proposition of the $AIBET token. Join us as we continue to innovate and lead in the intersection of sports betting and blockchain technology.