Gearing Up for the Official Launch of the AI Bet Revolution Bot


Hello, Revolutionaries!

The official launch of our groundbreaking AI Bet Revolution bot is just around the corner, and we’re thrilled to share the latest developments with you. Here’s a recap of what’s happening in the pre-launch phase and what you can expect in the upcoming weeks.


aibet revolution update prelaunch


1. Prelaunch Status

The prelaunch phase is progressing beyond our expectations with hundreds of active users who have already deposited their $AIBET tokens. Thanks to your trust and support, we’re fine-tuning the final version of the bot to ensure a seamless user experience at the official launch.

We’re thrilled to announce that over 64,000 $AIBET tokens have been deposited into our bot, a clear indicator of the growing enthusiasm and trust in our innovative platform. This influx of deposits reflects the public’s interest and confidence in our bot, signaling its increasing popularity and acceptance.

Remarkably, we’ve achieved these impressive results without officially launching our marketing campaign, which is planned and will be strategically targeted towards countries where our community is most engaged and interested. This targeted approach will allow us to maximize our reach and further strengthen our market presence.

Our vision is to develop and bring to market the best sports betting bot, specialized in Surebets with guaranteed automatic wins and Copytrading of the industry’s top traders. We are tirelessly working to innovate and perfect our offering, ensuring that our bot is not only a leader in the sports betting field but also a benchmark for integrity, transparency, and effectiveness.

Your trust and support are crucial to us. We are committed to rewarding you with an exceptional user experience and the opportunity to participate in a revolutionary evolution in the world of sports betting. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with AI Bet Revolution!



2. Enabling Commission Withdrawals

We’ve listened to our community’s feedback and are excited to announce that next week we will enable commission withdrawals. This means you’ll be able to start reaping the rewards of your efforts in promoting AI Bet Revolution and contributing to our community’s growth.

Currently, every user who utilizes their referral link benefits from our promotional budget during the pre-launch phase, earning:

  • 2% on deposits from direct friends
  • 1.8% on deposits from indirect friends


These commissions are a pivotal part of our strategy to promote the project and expand our user base. Thanks to your contributions, our project is gaining traction and reaching new users. After a community vote, we’ve decided to enable commission withdrawals, further empowering our users and enhancing their participation rewards.

Stay tuned as we plan to update our bot with this new feature by the end of this week or the beginning of next. This update signifies our commitment to not only growing the AI Bet Revolution platform but also to rewarding the community members who are instrumental in our expansion. Your active participation is shaping the future of our project, and we’re excited to introduce functionalities that acknowledge and reward your efforts.



3. Snapshots and Airdrops

We’ve completed the first of the planned snapshots, distributing a portion of the airdrops to our most active users:


Based on the deposits made, each user will receive approximately 1 $AIBET token for every $AIBET deposited.

Adding to this, the 2% welcome bonus on deposits means our users are receiving the benefits we promised. We are delighted to see our community enjoying the rewards.

For all users who make deposits before the official launch, we’ve prepared an exciting surprise. If you haven’t done so yet, access the AI Bet Bot in pre-launch and deposit your tokens to take advantage of these offers.

Two more snapshots are still to come, with 50,000 $AIBET tokens yet to be distributed. Don’t miss the chance to boost your balance!



4. Official Launch

The countdown has begun! The official launch of the AI Bet Revolution bot is scheduled for the end of March. We’re working hard to ensure everything is set to offer you the best AI-assisted betting experience on the market.

We remind everyone that access to the AI Bet Bot will be free; there are no subscription fees or paid memberships required.

The only requirement is the use of $AIBET tokens to participate in Surebets and Copytrading. The uniqueness of the token lies here, and this is why we’re safeguarding liquidity—to maintain an accessible price for all. We believe the price will see further increases as its usage makes it an increasingly scarce resource.

Noticing a strong presence of the Italian community, we are excited to announce that another Italian bookmaker we will integrate is

At launch, we will publish the complete list of bookmakers, which currently includes:



Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to be part of the revolution in the world of sports betting. Thank you for being part of our community and contributing to the success of AI Bet Revolution!