AI Bet Revolution’s First Snapshot: A Milestone Achievement

ai bet revolution aibet airdrop 1

In an exhilarating milestone for the AI Bet Revolution community, we have successfully completed our first snapshot, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards revolutionizing sports betting with blockchain technology. This snapshot has identified 92 wallets as eligible for a remarkable airdrop, sharing the first tranche of 15,000 $AIBET tokens. This is a testament to the growing enthusiasm and support for our innovative platform.


First Snapshot:

Our airdrop strategy is designed to reward our early adopters and continuous supporters generously. Here’s a breakdown of the airdrop allocation:

  • First Snapshot: 92 eligible wallets will share 15,000 $AIBET tokens.
  • Second Snapshot: Another 15,000 $AIBET tokens will be distributed, keeping the anticipation high.
  • Third Snapshot: An additional 20,000 $AIBET tokens will be awarded, marking the culmination of our airdrop campaign.

For our community members eager to find out if they are among the lucky participants in this first airdrop, we’ve made it easy to verify. Simply access the list of eligible wallets through the link to our Google Sheets:

🔗 Check Your Eligibility Here:


When Token Distribution?

If you didn’t make it into the first snapshot, don’t worry! There are still two more snapshots to go, with a total of 35,000 $AIBET tokens still up for grabs. This is an ongoing opportunity to be rewarded for your commitment to AI Bet Revolution. Ensure your participation by accumulating $AIBET tokens and staying active within our community.

The tokens from this airdrop will be sent all at once, together with the upcoming airdrops, a few days after the launch of our betting bot. This ensures a smooth process for everyone involved and gives us time to prepare for an exciting start!


Token Distribution Update:

This airdrop is more than just a reward; it’s a token of our appreciation for your belief in AI Bet Revolution. As we continue to build and grow, your support fuels our mission to democratize sports betting through the power of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being an essential part of this exciting journey. Together, we’re not just betting on sports; we’re betting on the future.