Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Registration
  3. Using the Bot
  4. Placing Bets
  5. Final Conclusions



AIBet Bot is an innovative Telegram bot designed for playing sports Surebets on major bookmakers across various countries. With mathematically guaranteed wins, the possibilities are virtually endless! The bot is straightforward to use and requires no technical knowledge or passion for sports to win. All you need is:

  • A Telegram account
  • Registration with one or more integrated bookmakers

This tutorial will guide you through the bot’s functionalities and show you how to place your first bet. For support and questions, feel free to join our dedicated Telegram group.


To use AIBet Bot and play Surebets, you need to register first. Registration requires an invitation via an existing user’s referral link.

Getting Started:

  • If you want to register with a friend, ask for their referral link. Alternatively, use the following link:
  • Click the link to be added to the exclusive AI Bet Revolution Club group. Click the link again to enter the group.

Welcoming Message:

  • Upon entering the group, you will receive a welcome message instructing you to start AIBet Bot
    @AIBetRevolutionBot to begin playing Surebets.
    You can use the /bot command anytime to get the bot’s link. It is crucial to register through another user’s referral link to interact with the bot. Without registration, the bot will not respond to commands!

Using the Bot

Follow these simple steps to set up the bot:

Accept the terms and conditions.


Provide your Solana network wallet address. This wallet will be used for depositing $AIBET tokens and withdrawing affiliate commissions.


Select the bookmakers you wish to use for Surebets. Depending on your country of residence, you can select one or more bookmakers. The bot will filter the available matches to show only those on your chosen bookmaker.


Your configuration is now complete!



Placing Bets

By using the /start command from the blue menu or simply typing it as a message in the chat


the bot will start and provide an overview of your account:

  • $AIBET Token Balance
  • Sum of Welcome Bonus
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Total $AIBET Balance
  • Your Wallet Address

Along with this information, buttons will appear for interacting with the bot. Let’s explore each one in detail.


Change Funding Wallet: Use this button to change the address of your wallet from which you deposit $AIBET tokens into the bot. This is the same wallet where you can withdraw your commissions.

Change Bookmakers: This button allows you to enable and disable the bookmakers for which you want to see playable matches. It helps filter only the matches that interest you.

Deposit $AIBET: Use this button to top up your account with $AIBET by depositing them into the bot. The deposited tokens are used for placing Surebets. We will explain this in more detail later.

My Reflink: Click this button to generate your referral link to share with your friends and community.

Withdraw Commission: This button allows you to withdraw your commissions to your wallet. Only the commissions will be withdrawn. If you have deposited 1000 $AIBET tokens and earned 200 $AIBET in commissions, for a total of 1200 $AIBET, you will be able to withdraw only 200 $AIBET.

Commission Rates
+2.5% commission on your friends’ deposits, the first level of affiliation.
+1.8% earnings on the deposits of friends’ friends, the second level of affiliation.

My Network: This button provides a summary of your affiliate network and the commissions generated.

My Matches: To view all played, finished and ongoing matches, with related information.

Trade $AIBET: To buy the token directly on a decentralized exchange (DEX), you need to have the $SOL token on the Solana blockchain for the purchase.

Playable Matches: This is the most important button on AIBet BOT. Clicking this button will display a list of available matches, as shown in this example:

Each match shows:

  • the Surebet win percentage
  • the teams playing
  • the match date
  • other useful information, such as the bookmaker to place the surebet on.

If a match has a surebet of +3%, it means you will earn $3 (or 3€) for every $100 bet. If you bet $10, you will win $0.30.

If you play 10 matches a day, the various winnings accumulate, and thanks to the compound effect, you will be able to bet more and win more.

Let’s take a practical example and click the “Select” button:

The Bot immediately asks for the amount we want to bet on this match. This is the total amount we want to play. For simplicity, let’s say 100.

The Bot will use this amount to calculate the Surebet and provide the 3 amounts to bet on the 3 odds, two with the indicated bookmaker ( in this case) and one with the Bot, as shown in the following image:


If everything is clear, click the “Confirm” button to confirm.

If we have enough $AIBET tokens to cover the bet on the Bot, the Bot will confirm the play.


All that’s left is to place the other two bets with the indicated bookmaker.

The bet on the Bot acts as a kind of insurance. Since it has the highest odds, it is the least likely to win, so most of the time you will win one of the bets placed with the bookmaker. In exceptional cases, it is possible that the bet placed on the Bot wins. In this case, the Bot will pay your winnings.


In any case, the surebet is guaranteed!


The more bets placed in the Bot, the higher the % of winnings we can offer to our users.

Important notes: When you have chosen a match and approved the bet in the Bot, you must immediately place the other two bets with the bookmaker to avoid changes in the odds. If the odds change, we can no longer offer you the surebet with the indicated win percentages.

For this reason, we will publish the matches a few days in advance.


This is everything you need to know to play surebets. All that remains is to enjoy the match and collect the winnings, from the bookmaker or the bot!



Final Conclusions

As we’ve demonstrated in this simple tutorial, using the AI Bet Bot is both easy and intuitive.

There are no restrictions on the number of matches you can participate in, and there are no downsides. However, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

1. Stable Odds: Once you have placed a bet on a match, you don’t need to worry about changes in odds. The odds at the time of placing the bet will be the reference for determining the win, both in the bot and with the bookmaker. The AI Bet Bot will pause a match if there are significant changes in odds. We will review these changes and either re-publish the match or keep it paused.

2. Using Commission Tokens: You cannot use commission tokens to place Surebets directly. However, you can withdraw your commissions and re-deposit them to place Surebets.

3. Bookmaker Suggestions: If you have any bookmakers you would like us to integrate, please let us know in the group.

4. Support: For specific questions, we encourage our users to use the designated group to receive the necessary support.

Thank you for being a part of AI Bet Revolution. We’re committed to providing a seamless and rewarding betting experience.