aibet ai bet revolution market cap

Dear AI Bet Revolution Community,

In an astounding turn of events, we are ecstatic to announce that AI Bet Revolution has reached a $100 million market cap, just two days after hitting the $50 million mark. This achievement comes while we are still in the pre-launch phase, three weeks before the official debut of our groundbreaking betting bot, which integrates AI and Solana Blockchain.


Early Access and Welcome Bonuses

In a few days, we will begin granting access to the first set of users, with a cap at 250 pioneers. Keep an eye on our Telegram channel to seize this opportunity. The first 250 users to deposit their $AIBET tokens will be greeted with a 2% WELCOME BONUS on their deposit. Remember, multiple consecutive deposits will continue to earn you bonuses, ensuring your early support is richly rewarded.


Affiliate Program and Commission Plan

Early adopters will also have their referral links activated, enabling them to invite friends and expand our community. While our comprehensive marketing and commission plan will be detailed later in March, rest assured that all commissions will be accounted for, even if not immediately visible in your bot profile.

We’ll share our full marketing and commission plan in March. Don’t worry; you’ll receive all your commissions, even if they don’t show up in your bot profile right away.


Here’s What Early Access Users Can Look Forward To:

  • Wallet Registration: Securely register using your personal wallet. 
  • Token Deposits: Deposit $AIBET tokens into your account and set the stage for your betting journey. 
  • Welcome Bonus: Enjoy a 2% deposit bonus as our welcome gesture to you. 
  • Referral Rewards: Spread the word and enhance your experience by utilizing your referral link to invite friends to join the revolution. 


Airdrop Updates and Additional Snapshot

Regarding our 50,000 $AIBET airdrop, the 2° snapshot was taken this morning! Check your wallet’s status in the provided document:

In an exciting twist, we’ve decided to conduct a 4° snapshot, adding an additional 20,000 $AIBET to the pool.

The upcoming 3° and 4° snapshots, each featuring 20,000 $AIBET, will target wallets that have made deposits in the bot, further rewarding active community participation.


In summary:

  1. First snapshot of 15,000 AIBET completed (link)
  2. Second snapshot of 15,000 AIBET completed (link)
  3. Third snapshot of 20,000 AIBET will be for wallets that have deposited their AIBET tokens in the bot
  4. Fourth snapshot of 20,000 AIBET will also be for wallets that have deposited their AIBET tokens in the bot

Airdrop payments will be made a few days after the official launch, in early April.


A Milestone Achievement: $1 per AIBET

ai bet revolution aibet token price

We are also thrilled to announce that we’ve reached a significant milestone with the AIBET token price hitting $1 in an incredibly short time during our pre-launch phase. This achievement not only underscores the potential of AIBET but also sets a promising trajectory for post-launch, where surpassing $10 is well within our sights.


Get Ready for Action

As we march towards our end-of-March launch, these milestones not only highlight our platform’s potential but also underline the trust and enthusiasm you, our community, have in this revolutionary venture. Let’s continue on this thrilling journey together, setting new standards in the sports betting arena with AI and blockchain technology.

Stay tuned, stay engaged, and let’s make betting history with AI Bet Revolution!

This milestone marks not just a financial achievement but a testament to our community’s faith and the innovative spirit of AI Bet Revolution. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Let’s keep the momentum going as we approach the official launch, ready to redefine the future of sports betting!