Dear Revolutionaries


On March 5, a significant sale occurred, initiated by a speculative trader. Like him, others have recognized the growth potential of our project and the supportive community behind us.

While speculation is a natural aspect of trading, given that our token is available on a decentralized exchange, we feel it’s important to clarify the following points:


  • We had anticipated that there would be volatility during the pre-launch phase.


  • We established a treasury wallet to mitigate any severe fluctuations.


  • We allowed some time before using the treasury wallet to counteract volatility. This approach resulted in more buyers than sellers, leading to a +160,000% increase since the token’s launch.


We owe an apology to our community. Although we foresaw the volatility and had volatility mitigation and holder protection systems in place, we delayed their implementation longer than necessary.

This minor setback underscores the incredible interest in $AIBET, which we find gratifying.



Will the $AIBET Price Continue to Rise?




Note: The following is not financial advice but rather our perspective on the mechanisms that drive the demand for the token.


The price of $AIBET is expected to consistently rise due to its nature as a “UTILITY TOKEN.” This implies that the demand for it is directly tied to its usefulness within the ecosystem.


Below is an engaging illustration of AI Bet Revolution’s business model:

AI Bet Revolution business model aibet

In the green dashed box, you can clearly see how $AIBET serves as the payment token for utilizing our Bot’s features. Its “utility” lies in placing winning bets on bookmaker websites, starting with


Tomorrow, coinciding with the early access to the Bot for the first 500 users, we will publish a two-part guide explaining how it works.



For conciseness, here are the two primary functions of the Bot:


1. Three-Way Surebets: Each bookmaker offers bets with three different odds. For example, consider a match between Atletico Madrid vs Inter.

Atletico Madrid vs Inter.


  • Among these three odds, one is the underdog, meaning it’s less likely to occur.


  • Our bot allows you to place a bet on this underdog with us, while you place the other two odds on


This strategy ensures a 100% certainty of winning.


In essence, the bet placed inside the Bot acts as your safety net, an insurance that covers you if the least probable outcome occurs, which, as we know, is always a possibility in sports betting.


When the Bot is officially released on March 31, you will find that only matches with a 100% mathematical certainty of winning will be displayed, complete with a calculator to help you decide how much to bet on each game.


  • The only requirement is that when you place a bet in the bot, you must use $AIBET tokens.


This utility makes the token deflationary, meaning the supply of tokens gradually decreases.



2. Copy-trading: This innovative system allows you to replicate our sports bets on without entering your credentials. Simply set a budget in $AIBET, and the system will start copying the trades of our experts. Many of you are familiar with the concept of copy trading, the innovation here is that it’s all executed on the blockchain, facilitated through Telegram Bot assistance.



Best Utility Token on Solana


At this point, it should be clear that the demand to purchase the $AIBET token is directly related to its utility within the AI Bet Revolution ecosystem.


For any questions regarding the bot’s operations, we ask for your patience for a few days until the “AIBET BOT GUIDE” is released on our website’s news section.



Prelaunch Access to AIBet Bot


Early access is scheduled for March 7, 2024, exclusively for the first 500 users who apply.


Here are the implemented features:

  • Deposit of $AIBET tokens.


  • A welcome bonus of 2% on every deposit, including subsequent ones until March 31.


  • A personal referral link to invite friends.


  • A 2.5% commission on your friends’ deposits, the first level of affiliation.


  • An 1.8% earning on the deposits of friends’ friends, the second level of affiliation.


The welcome bonus and affiliate commissions are valid until March 31, to compensate users who contribute to our launch. These percentages will undergo changes after March 31.



Volatility Mitigation Mechanism

aibet speculation traders


In the red box, where the figure revels in potential trading gains, lies speculation. Despite the token being traded on DEXs, speculation is not the goal of our business model.


We understand that the volatile crypto market can lead to significant price swings, which is why we’ve implemented a volatility mitigation mechanism, starting with injecting 50,000 $AIBET into the liquidity pool over the next three weeks. As detailed in a previous article:


What exactly does volatility mitigation and token injection into the liquidity pool mean?

Briefly, it involves:

  • Selling the token during significant price increases to prevent traders from capitalizing on these spikes for substantial profits.


  • Using the $SOL generated from these sales to add AIBET/SOL liquidity to the pool, reducing price impact.


This mechanism is activated ONLY when there is a significant increase in price (as you have observed, the price of $AIBET tends to always rise).



What happens if the price falls?


In such a scenario, the team is prepared to initiate the reverse mechanism:


  • Buying $AIBET from the market to reduce the circulating supply.



Airdrop Update


Last but not least, an update regarding the release of airdrops. We believe it’s crucial to reward our holders, our future clients, rather than traders whose sole focus is token speculation.


Therefore, the first two snapshots will be canceled and replaced with snapshots for users who register and deposit tokens in the Bot by March 31.


Here are the snapshots update:


  • 1° Snapshot: Airdrop of 20,000 AIBET
  • 2° Snapshot: Airdrop of 20,000 AIBET
  • 3° Snapshot: Airdrop of 30,000 AIBET (replacing the first 2 snapshots)


We believe this approach aligns more closely with our mission to reward only those interested in our core business and using the bot. Snapshots will take place on random dates and the airdrops are confirmed a few days after the official launch.



Conclusion and Final Thoughts


In conclusion, as we navigate through the dynamic and evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and sports betting, AI Bet Revolution stands at the forefront, offering a unique blend of technological innovation and strategic betting. Our recent experiences with market volatility and the robust response mechanisms we’ve implemented are a testament to our commitment to our community’s stability and prosperity.


The upcoming airdrop, designed to reward our early adopters and committed community members, reflects our dedication to sharing the success of AI Bet Revolution. With the Bot’s launch on the horizon, featuring essential functions like Three-Way Surebets and Copy-trading, we are setting new standards in the sports betting industry.


Our journey together is just beginning. The enthusiasm and support of our community are the pillars of our success, fueling our drive to innovate and provide a rewarding and secure betting experience. We look forward to achieving unprecedented milestones together, cementing AI Bet Revolution’s position as a leader in the intersection of sports betting and blockchain technology.



Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in AI Bet Revolution. Together, let’s continue to break new ground and redefine the future of sports betting.