aibet bot prelaunch

In this article, you’ll discover:


  • What AIBet Bot is: Get to know the functionalities and advantages of AIBet Bot.


  • How to register for AIBet Bot in Pre-Launch: A step-by-step guide to secure your spot in the pre-launch phase.


  • How to deposit $AIBET: Instructions on depositing $AIBET to your account.


  • How to receive a 2% Welcome Bonus: Learn how to claim your bonus just by signing up and making a deposit.


  • How to use your Reflink: Tips on maximizing the benefits of your referral link.



Holder Compensation


First and foremost, we want to share an update regarding our volatility mitigation system, which we introduced yesterday! Our trading bot has injected 22,717 AIBET tokens into the market, out of the 50,000 planned.


Unfortunately, this injection of liquidity has led to a decrease in price. We acknowledge the downside, but this was a crucial step for the greater good, particularly for our holders. It prevented other speculators from diminishing the token’s liquidity and affecting its stability.


To support our token holders who deposit in the AIBet Bot, we’ve devised a lucrative compensation program:

  • A 2% Welcome Bonus until March 31, 2024.
  • 70,000 $AIBET tokens as airdrops.


Rest assured, your success is our success, and we are committed to making you proud to be part of our community!


The upside, however, is that we’ve elevated Raydium to the 4th position among the largest holders, which has had a positive impact on the health of the Liquidity Pool. Additionally, we’ve boosted our Liquidity Pool with an addition of 7 SOL and 1,397 AIBET tokens, as illustrated below:

aibet token liquidity pool raydium


We will continue monitoring volatility fluctuations and we will intervene if necessary.


It’s important to note that we didn’t anticipate such rapid growth; it’s an unexpected success that prompted us to take swift action following yesterday’s event. Let’s remember that the launch price was $0.001, while the current price hovers around $0.70.


With that said, we want to reassure all our future users that they will be rewarded with bonuses and rewards, both in the short and long term. We have implemented additional measures to enhance your experience with us.


Trading is a peripheral aspect of our business. The true benefits lie within the AIBet Bot, where the token serves as a means to earn through Surebet and Copy Trading strategies. That’s where the real profit is.



Introduction to AIBet Bot


AIBet Bot was conceived by two passionate sports betting enthusiasts who see Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as the future of human society. These cutting-edge technologies hold the potential to bring significant benefits to the sports betting market, a sector that is witnessing rapid growth and was valued at approximately 83.65 billion in 2022 (source: Grand View Research).




AIBet Bot leverages AI to identify matches offering guaranteed Surebets and utilizes blockchain technology to present these opportunities transparently to you, the user.


Here’s a brief outline of the process:


  • AIBet Bot posts Surebet opportunities in your Telegram chat.
  • You choose the amount you wish to bet.
  • AIBet Bot precisely calculates the amounts and odds to bet on Betfair and the Bot itself.
  • If you win one of the two bets placed on Betfair, you secure the corresponding Surebet.
  • If the bet placed through the Bot wins, your earnings will be credited in AIBET tokens at the market price.


aibet bot illustration


The primary aim of placing bets through the Bot is to secure a surebet for you, acting as a form of insurance should both bets on Betfair be lost.




  • For the user: guaranteed surebet wins.
  • For AI Bet Revolution: increased interest in the token and demand growth.


Beyond Surebets, you can engage in Copy Trading. We will publish a comprehensive guide on its usage just before the official launch of AIBet Bot.


Can I execute Surebets during the Pre-Launch?


No. The functionalities will be activated on March 31. The pre-launch period is crucial for us to confirm the operations of deposits, credits, affiliations, and to gather feedback from our users.


What you can do during the pre-launch


  • Register your wallet: Remember to sign up with the wallet you’ll use for deposits so the bot can automatically credit each amount deposited. You can change your wallet at any time.


  • Receive the Welcome Bonus: Participate in the 3 Snapshots for 70,000 AIBET reserved for the first 500 registered users.


  • View your Balance: Check your current holdings within the bot.


  • Generate your Reflink: Create a referral link to invite friends and earn commissions.


  • Track Invites and Commissions: See the number of friends you’ve invited and the commissions earned from them.


Available Bookmakers


We will start with and its satellite sites in countries where our community is most active, with Italy confirmed, thus! Post-launch, we plan to expand our offerings to include additional bookmakers, enhancing our users’ options.



How to Register for AIBet Bot in Pre-Launch


aibet bot revolution bot aibet

To register, simply access the private group via an existing member’s invitation link (relink). The group is invite-only. Upon joining, you’ll receive a welcome message with instructions to initiate the Bot. After starting the Bot, post your wallet address to complete the registration. Note that Interaction with the Bot requires an invitation from an already registered user.


Here is the invitation link to get early access to the Bot:


This link will be deactivated once we reach 500 registered users. Please note, if you do not make a deposit within the first 24 hours after registration, your spot will be vacated to accommodate other interested users. Thank you for understanding. For convenience, you can always find the invite link in the official Telegram group.



How to Deposit AIBET


Once your wallet is set up, the bot will provide the address of our treasury wallet to transfer your funds. After sending the tokens, give it a few seconds as the bot continuously monitors transactions from your wallet. It will automatically recognize and confirm your transaction. You can make a deposit at any time by clicking the “Deposit” button.

Please ensure to press the “DEPOSIT $AIBET” button prior to transferring your funds. This action enables the Bot to monitor and verify your transaction on the blockchain effectively.


How to Receive the 2% Welcome Bonus


For each confirmed deposit, a 2% Welcome Bonus will be credited to your account, with no caps, valid until March 31, 2024.



How to Use Your Reflink


After completing the registration process and linking your wallet, click on the “My Reflink” button. The Bot will generate an invitation link for you to share with your friends, granting them early access. For each friend who joins and makes a deposit through your referral, you will receive:

  • 2.5% in commissions from direct invitees’ deposits (First Line)
  • 1.8% in commissions from your invitees’ invitees’ deposits (Second Line)


You can view the number of friends invited and the commissions earned by clicking on the “My Network” button.

Note: The commission percentages for the Welcome Bonus and the referral link are only valid until March 31, after which new commission rates will be announced.



When Pre-Launch?


It’s available now! Use the following invite link to be among the first 500 users:



Final Conclusions


AIBet Bot emerges as a groundbreaking integration of AI and blockchain technology, tailored for the sports betting arena. Its introduction not only signifies a step forward in enhancing user experience through assured surebets and copy trading but also reflects a strategic effort to stabilize and enrich the token’s value for its holders. The inclusion of a structured compensation program underscores the platform’s commitment to its community, ensuring that every participant not only engages with the bot’s advanced capabilities but also benefits from its economic growth. As AIBet Bot transitions from its pre-launch to full operational status, it stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a new paradigm for engagement and profitability in the sports betting domain.